Solid Surface Questions

Solid Surface is a composite material made up of resins and fillers. Unlike laminate which is basically chemical treated paper that is glued to particle board, Solid Surface is the same material all the way through the sheet. It is acrylic, polyester, or a blend of the two materials that is then filled with a metal derivative to add color and performance properties.

This combination allows Solid Surface to be shaped and formed into your vision in ways that granite and other materials can’t even come close to. All of this while providing an aesthetic that will last for years and years since it is able to be buffed countless times to look like new again.

Isn’t granite better?
Granite isn’t better or worse…just very different. Granite is a beautiful material but it is porous and needs plenty of your attention to look good. A sealer must be applied at least once a year and even with this, liquids will soak in. Think of granite like a sponge that you can’t wring out – once it’s in there it’s awfully tough to get out. If you ever have a chance, look at the underside of granite countertop that has been in place for a few’l be amazed at what you find.

And don’t think you can put your hot pots on it either. Granite has tiny cracks called fissures. If these are exposed to extreme temperatures they will expand and break. It’s always recommended to use a trivet or hot-pad on any surface.

Granite is not renewable either. Unlike Solid Surface which can be rebuffed whenever necessary, once granite is damaged or stained it is extremely difficult and expensive to bring it back to looking good.

Don’t Solid Surface sinks get stained over time?
The short answer is “No”. Solid Surface is non porous so stains don’t sink in. Any discoloration is merely on the surface and just needs to be cleaned. It is recommended (yes, recommended) to use an abraisive cleanser on your Solid Surface. This will remove all surface “stains” and leave your Solid Surface with the beautiful matte finish it came with. Refer to the “Product Care and Maintenance” link in the “Consumers” section of this website for more details.

How much does it cost?
Solid Surface is very affordable. Installations can begin at $40.00 per square foot. You can add options like integral sinks, “Caulkless” backsplashes, and custom inlays that will add to the cost and the personal beautification.

How long does it take to get my countertops?
We make a template of every countertops we install. Once that process is complete, we will have your countertop installed usually in less than two weeks. Large commercial projects and highly customized projects may take longer, of course. You will be informed every step of the way as to the progress of your project. Once we are in your home, the average installation takes less than three hours!

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