How It Works


Thank you for giving Accent Marble & Granite the opportunity to be part of your counter top project! To help with the understanding of HOW THE PROCESS WORKS we have put together the following overview of the general sequence of events for a typical project. Most projects will have the following steps: the initial pricing, agreement to proceed, material selection, templating, slab layout, fabrication, tear out & installation. As all projects differ some of the information below may not be necessary for your project or alternatively additional steps not mentioned here will be necessary. Still having questions? – Please ask your Accent sales rep!

Confirmation to Proceed

Once the proposal has been agreed upon we will look for a confirmation from you to proceed with the project. Please review the proposal carefully, initial the terms & conditions & sign the proposal. We will look for a deposit on or before the agreed template date. The deposit payment can be provided to our field templater or a payment with a credit card can be called into our office. (As noted on our proposal, payments with a credit card will incur an added 2% fee). Our Operations Manager will then be in touch to arrange the dates with you for the template, tear out & install.

Material Selection

Naturally a critical part of your project is the slab material to be used. We generally prefer that all final slab color selections have been made prior to the template date. If natural stone is part of your project we will need for you to make the final slab selection & sign off at one of the many slab material suppliers located in the Phoenix area. Please refer to Accent’s supplier list for information on where to select slabs. If a quartz product has been selected, then a slab selection is not normally required. Accent’s showroom has on display most major brands of quartz for your convenience.



The template is when we make field measurements of your project as well as review all details. We will require that a responsible party be present who can review and sign off on all the details. To help us do the best job possible we ask that you have cleared your countertops of all objects. Typically, we use a laser to create a pattern of your cabinets/walls. The template process can take 1 to 4 hours to complete depending on the size of your project. During our template visit we will also review:

  • All sinks/cooktops/faucets are checked for compatibility & fit so we request that these items be on site for the template. In some cases, we may take these items back to our shop for review during the fabrication process. If your project includes a farm style sink, then the sink must be dry fit in place prior to the template date. Any large appliances that will butt against new counter tops must be in place.
  • Cabinets are reviewed – and if any adjustments are required prior to the counter top installation. If new/replacement cabinets, then all cabinets & end panels must be 100% installed prior to the template date.
  • Overhangs, radius edges or any other personalization’s will be discussed & agreed. Our templater will look for a specific approval signature for the edge profile.
  • General seam placement may be discussed. However, Accent’s technical team will make the final determination as to the location of the seam(s).
  • If after our field template there have been significant changes to the counter top square footage or changes to other details from the original proposal your Accent sales rep will be in touch with information on any additional cost adds or deductions.

Under some circumstances, Accent’s techs may request an additional visit to the project to confirm the physical template fit on the cabinets. Please note that after the template has been completed we generally do not accept changes to your project without the possibility of additional charges and/or delays to your project.


Slab Layout

Any natural stone or quartz material that contains flow, movement or veining will need a layout sign off approval. We recommend a visit to our workshop as the best opportunity to see all features in the slabs. Alternatively, we can do the layout and have an approval request sent to you via email. This layout usually will take place 1 or 2 days following our field template date. Accent’s CAD tech will contact you to arrange the date & method for this layout.



Before any fabrication will begin all the above must be completed. All fabrication will take place in Accent’s workshop. Depending on the size of your project the fabrication time can be 5 to 10 business days.

Tear Out

In some cases Accent has been contracted to remove & dispose of your existing counter materials. Generally this demo will take place on the same day as the installation of your new counter tops. We will also disconnect your plumbing. (If there are any complications during the disconnect such as leaks or frozen valve stops we require that your plumber take care of these items). The tear out can sometimes produce noise, dust & debris. We recommend that base cabinets be emptied or the interior contents covered. Sink cabinets must be completely emptied. Drywall damage can occur especially during the demo of back splash. Accent installers will take every precaution to minimize any dust during the tear out. (Accent will not be responsible to any residual dust from the tear out).


Installation & Job Completion

At installation, we ask that you clear the work area of any objects and clear a path to allow our installers to bring the new counter tops into the project area. Depending on what your install includes this process can produce dust, noise, heavy traffic thru the work area & strong smells. Please keep children & pets out of the work area during the installation process. Please arrange any plumbing, gas or electrical reconnections for the day following the counter top installation. When completed our installers will remove all installation related debris and return the work area to broom-clean condition. Some residual dust can result even though our installers are equipped to catch most it. (Accent will not be responsible to any residual dust resulting from the installation process). Natural stone counter tops will be sealed after the installation. Depending on the size of your project the install can take a half day, full day or in some cases multiple days.


Your inspection of the finished job is very important! Please take a moment with our install team to inspect your new installation. Besides a visual inspection, we encourage you to run your hand over the surfaces & edges, check caulk joints and seams. Please bring up any concerns with our installers so they can be addressed. A responsible party must be present during the installation and available for a walk-through sign off at the completion of the project. Upon completion, the final balance is due & can be paid directly to our install team. You will also be given a Care & Maintenance brochure so be sure to read through prior to using your counter tops.




Available Additional Info

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