The Advantages of Natural Stone

natural_stone_blogNatural Stone is a beautiful and timeless addition to any home or business. The variety in colors and finishes can be tailored to your style and taste. It’s a simple way to upgrade your aesthetic in a tremendous way. Here is a summarized breakdown of the many benefits that Natural Stone can offer you:

AFFORDABILITY: When assessing the affordability of natural stone, consider durability, lifespan, uniqueness and timeless quality. These characteristics make it clear that natural stone is very affordable.

AVAILABILITY: Our suppliers stocks slabs in nearly 250+ varieties including marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, onyx, quartzite, and tumbled stone.

CARE & MAINTENANCE: Natural stone, when properly sealed, is simple to care for and maintain. Keep your natural stone looking its best by sweeping, dust-mopping or vacuuming prior to wet-mopping with a pH-balanced neutral cleaner or warm water.

COLOR: In recent years, more new stones have been brought to the marketplace than ever before. Granite and Marble slabs cover the spectrum from near-white to rich greens, absolute blacks, and even blues. With the warm tones of travertine and limestone, and varied beauty of marble, the possibilities are almost endless. Remember that stone is a product of nature, and color varies from piece to piece, as well as between lots. Your stone should be viewed and approved before installation.

POPULARITY: Due to all of the above-mentioned factors, natural stone is very popular. Unlike synthetic floor coverings and counter surfaces, natural stone is unique, highly durable and has a timeless quality that never goes out of style.

SIZE VARIATION: Natural stone is available primarily in tiles and slabs. Many natural stone tiles are available in different sizes, allowing flexibility in design and patterning. Granite and marble slabs can be fabricated and tailored to meet the needs of homebuilders, designers and architects. The only limit to the use of natural stone is your imagination.

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Additional information about the advantages of natural stone can be found on the Natural Stone Council’s Geniune Stone website.